Register your property

How to register your property in FilmLocations database?

Renting out a house, apartment or another interesting piece of property can be a great way to boost your home budget, and – in the case of companies – an alternative way of advertising and strengthening the image of your brand.

If you believe that the house or space you own may become a film location, please contact us by email:

Please upload your photographs via Please send us images of several different rooms and of the outside.

We reserve the right to contact selected applications. We do not provide any information about registering locations by phone.

All necessary information related to the rental is provided below.

Registration of your property in the FilmLocations Database is free of charge; you pay no administrative costs, no cost of the photo shoot of your property, and no costs of processing the photographs. On the first rental of the property our company charges a one-time commission of fifteen percent (15%) of the rental costs.

In view of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your personal data and other confidential information will not be disclosed to third parties, such as production companies, without your consent, and deadlines for all documentation will be agreed with you in advance. In the event of your property being rented by a film crew, we will protect your security by mediation in concluding the contract with the producer.

What filmmakers will expect from you when they hire your location?

It can take couple of days, months or even years before the location is hired. This simply depends on the script, type of project, fashion or other demands of the industry.

However, if your location is selected or listed in the shortlist of director’s choices, you can expect the production company to visit your property two or even three times before the shoot begins. These visits will usually only last 15 – 30 minutes. The last recce is usually a technical one and will involve many people: director, production manager, DOP, set designer and lighting designer, as all the departments (art and technical) need to plan their work.

Once the decision has been made and your location has been chosen, Film Locations will deliver the agreement to be signed between you and the hiring company. This contract is a standard filming agreement covering areas such as: the subject matter, payment terms, set design adaptations, damage and compensation, ownership of copyright and dates of filming.

Payment for locations, unless otherwise agreed, will be made within 14 days by bank transfer to the property owner’s bank account.

Two or three days before the shooting, the preparation period will begin. this is time for the set designer to do any decoration required. If the preparation period takes longer than a day it should be paid additionally (50% of the hire rate agreed for the filming).

Strike (set dismantling) should be done immediately after shooting, however, if the shoot ends very late at night or after more than 12 hours of work it is usually postponed for the following day and not charged additionally. After filming the production company is contractually obliged to return your location to the precisely same state as it was in before the filming started.

What can you expect when your location has been selected?  

If your location has been chosen, contracts signed and exchanged and the shooting day arrives, the film crew expectations will be very straight forward:

1. the location will need to be available at the exact time that the contract stipulated.

2. the looks of the location need to be the same as on the day that our company took the pictures: if you plan to redecorate, please do so after the shooting.

3. the crew need to be able to work without any interference: it is only natural that you might want to keep an eye on your property during shooting but if you have any concerns, please do talk to us first.

4. if you intend to leave the location during the hire please leave our location manager your mobile so we can contact you if any questions about the location arise.

5. when the shooting is completed, the filming equipment removed and the set decoration striped, we will need you to confirm that you are happy with the condition of the location (that it is clean and tidy and most importantly: undamaged).