About us

Who we are.

The project of a database for locations was born out of a passion for film set design, for architecture, and a passion for the entire symphony that is called film production.

To improve and streamline the process of finding suitable locations, ten years ago, as the first company on the Polish market, we made our location database available online.

Today our agency works as an intermediary between owners of unique locations and film crews. We rent out these locations for feature films, commercials, TV productions, as well as photo shoots or events.

We are able to meet the challenge posed by any script, and even if no suitable location is currently available in our database, our scout can begin a search for one immediately.

We deal with locations comprehensively – from scouting, through constructing and signing lease agreements, organizing permissions for photo shoots, to supervising the location on the day of the shoot.

Our idea is that both cooperating parties – the owner of the location and the producer – should share fond memories of the project.

How it works?

  1. Click the Search tab.
  2. Select the category of the location you are looking for and add some of the filters, if necessary.
  3. When looking for a location in a particular area, click Search on a map
  4. While browsing through the locations, click on the star to place selected objects in your Lightbox (these locations will remain there until you clear the cookie files in your web browser).
  5. If you decide to create an account and log in as a registered user, you will receive the following privileges:
    1. you will be able to store your selections permanently in the Lightbox (until you decide to delete them);
    2. you will be able to create multiple lists;
    3. you will be able to download images to a disk or a pdf file.

In order to acquire contact details to your favourite locations, please contact us via email or phone and please enclose reference numbers of locations. Alternatively you may go to your Lightbox and click on “Email your lightbox” button.