Rules & fees



Library fee to arrange hire and share contact details per single location

500 PLN net

Library fee to arrange hire and share contact details to three chosen locations

700 PLN net

Library fee to arrange hire and share contact details of five chosen locations

1000 PLN net

If you wish to request multiple locations, our prices can be negotiated.


Scouting per day

800 PLN net

Director's or technical recce

900 PLN net

Location manager per shooting day

2000 PLN net

City permits and agreements

1000 - 1500 PLN net

Draft of a location contract

300 PLN net

A selection of locations from our library, tailored for your project, sent via email

500 PLN net

All amounts provided on the website are net values. The payment term based on the invoice issued by FilmLocations is seven (7) days.

Please note: the fees due to FilmLocations for the service are payable regardless of the final decision of the Producer concerning the rental of the locations for shooting.

Terms and Cooperation

  1. Photographs available at can only be downloaded and reproduced for the purpose of processing orders. It is forbidden to duplicate, make available to the public and use all or part of the images for financial gain. Copyright to all images published on belongs to FilmLocations.
  2. All data concerning a given location is provided exclusively by FilmLocations as an agent of the property owner. It is forbidden to reveal to third parties the terms of the contract, data concerning the location and photographs taken before or during the performance of the contract, unless it is necessary for the production of the film covered by the contract. FilmLocations reserves the right to claim compensation for damage caused by any breach of the above conditions.
  3. FilmLocations mediates in property rental, and as such, it is not a party to the contract between the owner of the property and the lessee and takes no responsibility for any breach of this contract.
  4. FilmLocations provides a model contract to which the entity ordering and renting a given property is a party.
  5. FilmLocations undertakes to obtain and hold the required permits for the rented property. Obtaining additional permits is subject to an additional fee (e.g. permission to enter restricted zones, close a road, separate out parking spaces, etc.).
  6. The prices listed on the Price List at, in addition to providing the address of the property, also cover the trip of a location manager delegated to document the location of the property.
  7. Fees for property rental cover a 12-hour working day.
  8. The fee for the use of a film location should be paid to the account of the property owner within 14 days from the date of concluding the agreement. Failure to meet the above deadline may result in a refusal to cooperate in the future.
  9. Deployment of people or equipment at the location and making changes in the location can take place only within the agreed timeframe of the contract. Earlier placement of equipment or persons is done at the responsibility of the potential customer.
  10. An additional fee amounting to half of the agreed fee for each day of shooting will be imposed on the customer/lessor if the preparation period and set adaptations of the facility take more than one day (the same applies to work aimed at restoring the property to the state from before the project). If a twelve-hour working day is exceeded, overtime will be charged. Invoices for overtime will be issued separately. The payment period for these invoices is 14 days from the date of issue.
  11. All properties presented at are available on offer as possible objects of a contract; however, property owners do reserve the right to refuse to sign a contract without providing a reason.
  12. FilmLocations recommends that the customer/lessor provide a person responsible for supervising the location on the day of the shooting, i.e. a location manager. If filming or shooting may affect adjacent properties, all persons who may be affected must be notified of the disturbance no later than 48 hours before the shooting day orally or in writing.
  13. In cases not regulated by these Terms of Cooperation, the provisions of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights of February 4, 1994, and the provisions of the Civil Code apply.


  1. FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska with the seat in Krakow (30-554) at ul. Zamknięta 10/1.5 as the Administrator of Personal Data, under Regulation 106/679 of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) of APR. 27, 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, “EU General Data Protection Regulation,” (GDPR) processes personal data.
  2. The term Personal data, as defined by the GDPR, covers all information concerning identification of a natural person in any form (by means of writing, sound, or image), such as: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, PESEL, VAT ID.
  3. Przetwarzanie danych osobowych zgodnie z definicją zawartą w RODO to jakiekolwiek operacje wykonywane na danych osobowych, takie jak: zbieranie, przechowywanie, usuwanie, udostępnianie, opracowywanie.
  4. FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska processes personal data for the following purposes:
    1. performance of civil-law contracts concluded with customers
    2. performance of civil-law contracts concluded with owners of locations
    3. conclusion of commercial transactions
    4. work on customers’ orders
    5. emailing of marketing and commercial information about products and services offered by FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska.
  5. Collection, processing and use of personal data by FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska is based on the following legal basis:
    1. Consent expressed by its customers in accordance with the applicable law, including the provisions of the Act of July 18, 2002 on providing services by electronic means and the Act of July 16, 2004 – “Telecommunications Act” – for contact via email and automatic calling systems and telecommunications terminal equipment (including voice calls and text messages);
      As a natural person or a natural person conducting business activity, your refusal to give us your consent for processing your personal data for the purposes indicated above will
    2. prevent us from being able to conclude commercial transactions
    3. prevent us from being able to send commercial and marketing communication based on the principles indicated in this information, i.e. prevent contact via e-mail and automatic calling systems and telecommunications terminal equipment (including voice calls and text messages.
    4. It may prevent sending out of commercial and marketing communication to clients based on the principles indicated in this information.
  6. With whom may we share your personal information and for what purpose?
    1. We may share your information with our employees and associates who require access to your data so that we may perform our obligations or actions on your behalf.
    2. As most businesses, we also use the help of others in our activities, which often requires transferring personal information. For this reason, if necessary, we may pass on your personal data to the following recipients:
      • production companies
      • event agencies
      • advertising agencies
      • entities conducting business within the framework of film production
      • entities providing services to us related to the security of persons and property;
      • entities purchasing receivables.
    3. In addition, we may also need to transfer your personal information to other parties, public or private, based on the applicable laws or a decision of competent authorities. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for us to predict who may request your personal information. Nevertheless, for our part, we ensure that in each case a request for sharing personal information is thoroughly analyzed so as not to provide information to an unauthorized person inadvertently.
  7. FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska as the Administrator of Personal Data undertakes to apply appropriate security measures, both technical and organizational, to protect the personal data we process. FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska or entities processing the data store personal information only for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected, i.e. for the entire period of validity of the consent and for the period required by law (in particular, tax law and the statute of limitations for claims) after the consent is withdrawn.
    1. Please be advised that we process personal data for the following periods, as applicable:
      • for the duration of the contract – with regard to processing personal data for the purpose of concluding and performing contracts;
      • up to ten years – for personal data processed for the purpose of establishing, asserting or defending claims – no longer than the legal provisions in force;
      • one year – for personal data collected in connection with preparing an offer for which a contract was not concluded immediately;
      • five years – for personal data related to fulfilling tax law obligations, such as storage of invoices, bills, etc.;
      • until consent is withdrawn or the purpose of processing is achieved – not more than two years – for personal data processed on the basis of consent;
      • until the purpose of processing is achieved or an effective objection is raised – no longer than two years – for personal data processed on the basis of the Administrator’s legitimate interest or for marketing purposes;
      • until the data become obsolete or no longer useful – not more than 2 years – with regard to personal data processed mainly for the purposes of using cookies and website administration;
    2. To improve the process of removing and destroying personal data, the periods in years are counted from the end of the year in which we started processing personal data. Counting deadlines separately for each event would involve significant organizational and technical difficulties, as well as financial outlays, whereas setting a single date for deleting or destroying all records of personal data allows us to manage this process more efficiently.
    3. The right to be forgotten: needless to say, if you chose to exercise your right to be forgotten, such situations are dealt with individually.
  8. All persons whose data are processed have the right to personal data protection. In accordance with the applicable data protection law, persons whose data are processed have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection or its successor).
    Furthermore, the persons whose data are processed have the right to:
    • demand access to their personal data; any person whom the data concern is entitled to obtain a confirmation from FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska whether his or her personal data are being processed, and if so, such a person is entitled to gain access to these data. FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska will provide upon each request a copy of the personal data being processed. For any subsequent copies, FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska may charge a reasonable fee resulting from the administrative costs required to correct the personal data that is incorrect.
    • In view of the purposes of processing, all persons whose data are being processed have the right to request the completion of incomplete personal data, also by submitting an additional declaration,
    • and the right to have the data removed (“the right to be forgotten”); all persons whose data are being processed have the right to demand immediate removal of their personal data, in specific circumstances provided for by the law, and FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska is obliged to remove such personal data with no unnecessary delay,
  9. Please be advised that we do not use automated decision-making or decision-making based on profiling.
  10. Also be advised that your personal data shall not be not transferred outside the European Economic Area.
  11. FilmLocations Kinga Oktabska does not have a Personal Data Protection Inspector.
  12. Contact with the Personal Data Administrator
    Should you have any questions about data protection or about exercising your privacy rights, please contact the Personal Data Administrator:
    Kinga Oktabska
    691 162 731